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2019 harley citycoco electric scooter

High Security Self Balance Scooter Trottinette Electrique Electric Skate Scooter Patinete Electrico From China Factory

Leisure, shopping or commuting - The all new harley citycoco electric scooter is for you if you are looking for a smart and efficient way to travel. Effortlessly take the speeds up to 60 km/h, The front and rear wheel shock absorption provides maximum rider comfort, and the anti-lock mechanical and electrical brakes ensure a safe braking distance, Matte paint gives you a different aesthetic.

We have taken great care of the smallest details, so that your traveling comfort and safety can be ensured.

Features 1, Lithium Battery: 60V, 12AH/20AH Chinese Cell/LG Cell can choose 2, Shock absorption: Front & Back 3, Disk Brake: Front & Back 4, Horn, Back Red Light for Brake 5, light:EEC standard front light/Turning light: EEC standard has no requirement on the Turning light(can be added after) 6, Mirror: EEC standard Left & Right Mirror 7, Seat: One stable seat and second one optional for second person so the supported weight can be 200Kg 8, Speedmeter: Battery Status/Speed/Last Ride Distance/Total distance from the beginning. not erasable by the user. 9, Other information: Waterproof. If not using of scooter, better to take out the battery.Safe power on/off packing standing. 10.2000W motor,Kick Stand.Removable Lithium Battery and Double Seat. 11.Color Choice for frame and fender,black,white,red,green,yellow,blue,orange

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