• Li David

Cicycoco Electric Scooter-CP-1-8

1000w 1500w 2 Wheel Fat Tire Off Road Citycoco Scooter, 2018 Promotion Electric Off Road Citycoco

You have the self control. You have full control with the removable battery. 20Ah Battery capacity will lead you to longer distances without problems. The sensor, which disables the parked gas control arm, is designed to prevent unwanted accidents.

You can give easier warnings with the powerful horn.The right and the left rearview mirrors are your the best helper to know what happen on back of you. You will always be in touch with Citycoco via your mobile phone.

Oh, is your cell phone overcharging? You can charge your phone from the Citycoco USB port.

Citycoco, that has the qualification criteriain EU standarts is ready for you to let you taste a completely different driving pleasure!

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