• Li David

Hybrid Earphones 2

Description:  Adopts the coolest hybrid technology, the combination of dynamic driver and balanced-armature driver. The balanced-armature will be handling on high-frequency audio while dynamic driver will handle the low-frequency audio thus providing a more 3D surround effect. 

Main Features: ● Original Xiaomi in-ear hybrid dual driver earphones  ● Dynamic and balanced-armature drivers, for detailed sound  ● Wire control microphone   ● Adopts graphene, thinnest, strongest, and most eco-friendly material able to transmit sound fast, more ductile under high frequencies, producing sounds that are rich,  and crystal clear  ● High-elasticity fiber wire provides an excellent resistance to pull and perspiration resistant ability  ● L-shape plug, no easy to break and wear  ● Easy-to-control, play music and make calls  ● Comfortable fit with ergonomic contoured form  ● Come with 4 pairs of XS / S / M / L size soft silicone eartips for comfortable wearing experience 

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