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Induction Cooker Youth Version

Description :

[ Youth Version ] XIAOMI Mijia DCL002CM Induction Cooker  9 Grades Temperature Control 2100W   

- [ Double Anti-slip, Stable And Durable ] : The panel is specially equipped with a high temperature resistant non-slip silicone ring. The pan is placed in a safer place for easy removal and easy cleaning. Increase the special anti-slip mat to make the use process more stable  - [ Hot And Cold Air Duct Insulation ] :The structure is insulated by hot and cold air ducts to prevent hot air from being re-inhaled and increased internal load. 7-leaf axial flow fan greatly increases heat dissipation and extends product life

- [ High Temperature Protection System ] : A built-in temperature sensor triggers the overheat protection system when the temperature reaches the preset protection temperature and stops heating. Without the pot, the heating will stop automatically, the LED light will continue to flash, and the induction cooker will sound a tone. When the induction cooker detects the matching pot again within 1 minute, it will automatically return to the heating. - [ 9 Grade Little Adjust Firepower ] : In order to solve the indirect heating problem, Mijia Induction Cooker-Youth Version uses dual-frequency fire heating technology, high-temperature high-frequency to achieve the firepower of the stir-fry, low-temperature low-frequency can continue to heat

The Mijia Induction Cooker Youth Edition comes with a built-in 156mm large coil, adopts a double-layered design and a 2100w stir-fry large strong firepower, and supports a low-power continuous heating function.

The iconic minimalist knob will start operation only one push & turn. Press 0.5 seconds to turn it on, rotate to adjust the firepower, tap to pause, and long press to shut down. Thus, we bid a farewell to the operation failure caused by the soup button and an oil spill.

The Mijia Induction Cooker Youth Edition continues the same design adoption of the original model. It uses a circular body. It’s compact and won’t occupy a large space in the kitchen. Also, it comes with an integrated panel design and a 9-block fire LED display.

Pressing on the knob for 0.5 seconds, the 9 LED lights will beep. It is the only display area of the youth version. It is worth mentioning that the youth version of the firepower adjustment has added a tone, and each operation will have audible feedback.

The LED light flashes in the first gear position and in standby mode. Rotate one gear to the right to enter the one-speed intermittent heating mode. In the second gear, it is continuously heated. And even if the firepower is lowered, the water is always in a boiling state.

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