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MiTU Baby Hair Clipper

Main Features  R0.3 fillet fixed knife, effectively avoid stinging baby's skin Durable knife Ceramic moving knife, no rust, easy to clean. Reduce the double knife friction temperature to stimulate the baby's skin. Unique design Compact and portable, it supports body wash and supports micro-USB fast charge design.  Bass design, durable and safe With three types of combs It can handle 5 different lengths of hair.  Built-in 550mAh lithium-ion battery

*The MITU baby hair clipper adopts a close-fitting double-kni-fe design, which can effectively reduce the hairpin without pulling

The fixed kni-fe is made of 5Cr13 stainless steel, and the R0.3 rounding design of the fixed tooth is effective to avoid stinging the baby's skin. The movable kni-fe is made of ceramic material and has the advantages of not rusting and easy cleaning. Safe and clean haircut while reducing the double kni-fe friction temperature is transmitted to the baby's skin.

*High-twisting and low-turn motor, which is the basis of strong power and bass

MITU baby hair clipper with high-torque and low-speed dc motor can ensure the strong output power of the motor while maintaining the bass, so that the newborn baby who will have a fear of loud noise will not make noise and cooperate with the haircut.

*Detachable tool head, supports IPX7 full body washable

MITU baby Clipper is designed with detachable kni-fe head and can be washed with water all over the body to keep it clean and sanitary. At the same time on the shell design block hair sponge, hair cutting process can be easily block to most of the broken hair.

*USB interface, mobile power can also charge

MITU baby hair clipper built-in custom high-density lithium-ion polymer battery,Mi-cro-USB charging method fast charging, full of only 90 minutes, battery life up to 2 hours, and compatible with mainstream adapters, power bank or The computer is charged and has wide compatibility.

Package Included: 1 x Baby Hair Clipper 3 x Comb 1 x Cloth 1 x Cleaning brush

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