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XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock

Please Kindly Know that

Xiao mi xiaoai Smart alarm clock Same as Xiao mi AI speaker. Only supports Chinese voice commands currently 

Description :

Xiao mi Xiaoai Smart Voice APP Control Weather Broadcast Alarm Clock Xiaomi AI Speaker

-Control a variety of Xiaomi equipment with Voice Command -A smart ‘housekeeper’ on standby all time -Large Digital Display, Automatic Sensitization  -Work with Mijia APP

Note :

Dynamic alarm clock is the content of the alarm ringtone background music superimposed on the weather broadcast

Nap and meditation Dynamic alarms need to be upgraded to support

Translation function can only support Chinese and English Check the road conditions, you need to fill in the travel information in the Mijia APP Find a mobile phone, only supports finding a mobile phone currently  It is recommended to place it against the wall and interact within 180° of the front of the screen for better radio reception. Does not support voice control millet TV, box

Package Includes :

1 x Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Voice Clock 

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