►Intelligent linkage to effectively improve indoor air:Through the Mijia APP, Xiaomi Mijia air detector can be linked to each Air equipment, automatically open, intelligently improve the air inside the house, such as Air purifiers, new fans, humidifiers, air conditioners, etc.

►Built-in Mijia Bluetooth Gateway function:Support Mijia Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer, flowers and plants monitor, flowers monitor

►Bluetooth sub-devices such as grass and flower smart pots are constantly increasing.

►Desktop handheld can be used, convenient and intimate

►Gravity sensor, accurate perception Gesture, let the hand hold no pressure,  automatically switch to Vertical screen display

►USB Type-C interface power supply, built-in lithium-ion battery

►Remote monitoring the air quality, view your home anytime, anywhere.Even if you are away from home, you can check it in real time through Mijia APP,look at the values, evaluations and interpretations of air quality at home
►3.97-inch high-definition touch screen:A variety of operating methods, simple and intuitive.Compared with traditional air detectors, Xiaomi Mi home air detection.The instrument uses a capacitive touch with a resolution of 800 × 480p Screen, sensitive, should slide left and right, click on it to check view more. Built-in brightness sensor for ambient light:the line automatically adjusts the screen brightness, and night detection does not disturb this.In addition, you can switch the main screen by operating the buttons.View multiple reading screens.

►3 high-precision sensors for more accurate measurements:Xiaomi Mijia air detector built-in 3 independent professional high precision sensor, located at the inlet and outlet of the device, for PM2.5, T∨OC, COa, temperature and humidity are measured separately, fine Pre-reflect the air quality. Always pay close attention to multiple indicators, guarding family health.

Air Detector Air Quality Monitor

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