Main Features:
Aluminum alloy audio cavity, precise metal technology. 
The audio cavity adopts aluminum alloy material, with precise metal anodizing technology
Exquisite CD texture at the back, the body adopts knife cut texture, anti-scratch and looks elegant
"C corner" brilliant cut technology, prevent to cut the hand
Aero metal and PET composite diaphragm, makes the sound well-balanced, optimize the sound effect
Better balance damping system (3rd Generation)
Support Xiaomi devices and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod (some functions do not work on some Androids and iOS)
Fashion flat line design, built-in Kevlar fiber, more resistant to pull, anti-twist
Built-in capacitor microphone line is compatible with Android and other mobile phones
A large number of medical ear canals data, wearing more comfortable
Ergonomic designed interface, save power

Basic Edition In-ear Earphones

SKU: 999