XIAOMI Smartmi Sterilization Humidifier Air Humidifier Remote Control Air Aroma Humidifier Smart Home 
-  3.5L Water Tank 
 3.5L large capacity water tank, once added water, the longest sustainable humidification for 16 hours 
-  High Frequency Atomizer 
XIAOMI Smart Sterilization Humidifier's high-frequency ultrasonic atomizing sheet is made of high-quality glass glaze for surface treatment. The porcelain body is sintered by two high temperatures. The amount of fog is as high as 355ml/h, which is equivalent to immersing yourself in a bottle of mineral water per hour. 
-  Intelligent Automatic Humidification Control 
The temperature sensor of the XIAOMI Smart Sterilization Humidifier can determine the humidification conditions of the environment by itself 
-  Water Shortage Automatic Power Failure Protection  
XIAOMI Smart Sterilization Humidifier In the absence of water, you don't have to worry about it. It uses water level monitoring and capacitive sensing type water shortage protection device. When the device detects water shortage, it will automatically stand by. 
- APP Remote Control 
Humidifier can be controlled at home or remotely via Mijia APP 

Smartmi Sterilization humidifier

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