Main Features:

  • 4 in 1 USB adaptor, expand to more ports for laptop
    This adaptor is designed to convert port from USB-Ctoone Mini DisplayPort,one USB-Candtwo USB-A so as to solve the insufficient trouble of computer expansion interface
  • 4K 60Hz ultra HD output
    Satisfy drawing requirement of professional designer!
    xiao-mi high performance converter not only boasts high definition, but also ensures the high-speed stable transmission and quality of image and video. It could satisfy the drawing requirement of those professional designers who are picky about details and property
    Prevent game from frame dropping! Ensure smooth gaming experience!
  • xiao-mi USB-C to Mini DisplayPort converter supports 4K 60Hz output, increase the video fluency. You are free from the annoyance of frame dropping and stumble while playing massive multi-player online games
    Adapt to high definition display screen! Support multiple interface tasks!
    Output resolution ratio of xiao-mi USB-C to Mini DisplayPort is up to 4096 x 2160 60Hz. Even if signals are transmitted to a high-resolution display screen, the pictures are still pretty sharp. So you could finish multiple interface task with ease
  • Stable signal transmission structure
    The cable adopts 96 TC conductors to provide multi-factor data protection
    Automatic judging of voltage and current
    Automatic switch and match 5 - 20V, 0mA - 3A. Support USB-C PD 3.0. Provide maximum 65W while charging 
    Compact and portable
    Sized 19.3 x 3.7 x 1.2cm, it could be put into briefcase and computer bag with ease to ensure the convenient carry of commuting, business trip and other business occasions
  • Suitable for data transmission and charging of USB-C of xiao-mi laptop and Macbook etc.

USB-C to Mini DisplayPort Multi-Function Adapter

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